We are dedicated to connecting people to their professional future two main axes:

Talent sourcing and assessment: In order to attract the best candidates, we have developed efficient national and/or international sourcing capabilities.

HR Solutions: We accompany employee’s development and increase their commitment at work.

Talent Sourcing & Assessment

Our SOURCING method combines people and technology to connect you with the best talent.

National and international sourcing

We have a team of local and international sourcers and sourcing partners who are trained to the latest methods to identify and approach on the market the right resources for the role. Thanks to their interviewing skills, our recruiters will make sure the candidates they speak to match precisely your context and needs.


Thanks to an extensive network of highly skilled experts and the renowned online software we use, we can technically assess your candidates and you can trust that the candidate you hire masters the technical skills they need for the role.


A day of objective assessment, fun and an opportunity to learn, to help make objective decisions by evaluating the qualities, skills and motivation of a candidate for a position.
On the menu: role-playing, business cases, cognitive-behavioural questionnaires and structured interviews.
Participation in the program also enables the candidate to take up the position and integrate well into the company, by projecting himself/herself in the development of his/her skills.

HR Solutions

We support employee development with soft-skills training (leadership, managerial pathways, impact communication, etc.), 360 Feedback exercises and career coaching to map out the possible evolution of talent and increase their commitment.

We also have solid expertise in managing successful career transitions through our inplacement and outplacement programs. These help employees make the career transition that’s right for them.

360 Feedback

Based on a multi-observer questionnaire (the employee himself/herself and his/her 360° entourage), it enables us to compare different perceptions of competencies, identify strengths and areas for improvement with the employee, and serve as a basis for drawing up a development plan.

The 360° questionnaire can be customized to suit your corporate culture, context or managerial challenges.

You wish to:
• Gain a better understanding of your company’s management culture and practices, in order to design appropriate individual and collective development plans?
• Involve your experts and managers in their development, by becoming aware of the expectations of their professional environment and their priorities to grow?
• Align their skills with the company’s challenges?
• Develop a culture of communication and feedback at all levels?


We support your employees’ development in a personalized way, according to their needs. Our coaches help to clarify and energize the coachee’s thinking, leaving him or her free to make decisions and develop.
Some examples of customer requests:
• We have new managers who need to adapt quickly to their role.
• Our managers are finding it difficult to implement change”.
• We want to offer support to women moving into executive positions.


Our objective: We offer high-impact training courses and programs that enable your employees to rapidly develop their skills.

Our formats: To anchor learning, we develop short, intense formats that combine asynchronous (remote and individual) and synchronous (face-to-face and group) training. Our content is prepared and focused on the transmission of tools and the transposition of your realities into work situations.

Our pace: To boost the effectiveness of the skills developed, we do our utmost to ensure a dynamic learning process. Remote and face-to-face sessions are followed by individual coaching (on request) and peer group facilitation to share “best practices”.

Competency profile

Using a combination of tools (personality and motivation questionnaires, cognitive-behavioral assessment tests) and interaction with a certified coach, we help identify participants’ skills and potential, guiding them towards the best career options.
This path filters through a wide range of skills, highlighting the person’s assets, achievements and values, which will help in the design of their professional future.
There are several possible scenarios:
• Accompanying one of your employees as they make a career change
• The program to validate the match between their skills and the abilities required for the role
• Support for your career interviews
• Cognitive and behavioral assessment to inform training and development programs and boost employability
• Reintegration of an employee after a long absence to facilitate their return.

Inplacement & Outplacement

Maintaining the well-being of an organization can lead to reorganizations or even difficult decisions involving the mobility and sometimes involuntary dismissal of employees. Following the suppression of certain positions, you want to take into account the impact of such changes on your colleagues and offer them support in this phase of career transition.
By offering professional support to the people concerned, you help them to bounce back in the long term, define a tailor-made future career plan and make it a reality.
Our programs are made up of various adaptable and modular activities:
• Dedicated support: individual sessions with a career coach – face-to-face and virtually.
• Workshops, links to webinars and online content.
• Access to specialized tools for analyzing talents, personalities, skills and potential.
• Access to job market specialists for validation of your career project (feasibility), contract negotiation, interview and assessment skills, online branding…

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